Are your products Vegan?

Yes, they are and proudly so. We do not use any animal-based ingredients. We, categorically,  do not test on animals, which is luckily (and about time) now a rule in the EU.


What is Cetearyl alcohol in your products? Is it alcohol?

It is surprisingly quite the opposite. It is an ingredient that is commonly used in the industry in creams and products to soften and condition the skin. It may also be called a “fatty alcohol” and it is used in the products to stabilise the emulsion.


Are your products organic?

We are particular about the claims that we make. Being that we cannot track every single ingredient to its origin (we have tried, however it is rather labour-intensive and time consuming), we cannot claim that they are organic. Natural is our preference.


If you do not use parabens in your products, what preservatives do you use instead?

Bacterial growth in products could potentially be a problem, so to cope with this we opted for two measurements:

Airless container - we use these on our Moisturise Face, Revitalise Face and Oil Beard to prevent bacteria build-up.  By not putting your fingers in the jar, no oxygen can seep in. That is an enormous help.

Phenoxyethanol - For our two face creams, phenoxyethanol is one of the most used preservatives for producers who do not use parabens. Not all of you will use and finish your products within a month, so we had to do something to prevent the bacterial growth. Parabens weren’t even an option.


Is your packaging recyclable?

The type of recycling you should use depends on which country you live in.

Paper - All cardboard that we use in our packaging is made from recycled materials already (at least we try) or FSC-approved forestry. However, you should recycle it afterwards anyway as a matter of course.

Plastic - When it comes to plastic, recycling plastic would depend on where you are in the world. In some countries (we wish this was a standard everywhere), you can recycle the packaging for Wash Face and Wash Body in your soft plastic recycling. We are waiting for the hard plastic recycling to become the norm.


Why is there no scent in your products?

Scent equals perfume in many cases and we do not use it as an ingredient.

The trick is that some products like Wash Face, you will unleash the menthol scent only when you mix it with water. Plus you can always find your favourite scent and then use our products and not get all scents mixed up.


I have a skin condition. Can I use your products?

All of our products are dermatologically tested. During the testing phase, not one of the subjects had any reaction to our products.

Some of the customer feedback we have received so far is that people with different skin conditions, like Rosacea and Psoriasis, have found that our products are good to use. We really appreciate this type of feedback (although this is not a medical claim, as that would require a fair amount of added research).


What is a natural deodorant?

If you are used to using a deodorant that contains perfume, alcohol or aluminium, you might feel a great deal of difference when changing to a natural product. Here are some differences that we have received feedback on to date:

Amounts needed or required - you do not have to use it as often or as much. We do not use alcohol in our products which means that it is unlikely to evaporate as fast as a standard deodorant.

Odour - we did not include any perfume in this product because it may cause allergic reactions. We use menthol which gives off some scent but your deodorant should not compete with your perfume.

From one of our tested subjects, the feedback was:  “Sometimes there are days where I am in a rush or engage in a fair amount of activity that triggers more sweat than usual, however, my girlfriend claims that it does not smell bad. Rather, it smells more of ‘me’.”

Sweat - this was a major concern during our product development as we remained aware that aluminium is the industry standard for reducing sweat.

Aluminium works like a charm against sweat. However, there have been reports saying that it should not be used under certain conditions  We abide by the precautionary principles and will not use it.

We carried out our due diligence and tested many versions thereof until we found one that worked well for most people. Menthol cools the skin and slows the sweat glands from triggering due to heat. It also reduces sweat by forming a physical barrier outside the skin. We can honestly say it’s the best natural deodorant against sweat that we have tested.

Lastly, it takes 2-4 weeks for the skin to adjust to new skincare products, so that is also something to bear in mind.


Where are your products made?

Scandinavia. That’s where we are from which makes it that much easier for us to ensure that everything is done according to our needs, wants and standards.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. Once you complete your address details and choose the country you would like us to send your goods to,  you will be advised of the shipping fee. If your shopping cart total is over 75 USD / 75 EUR / 70 GBP, there will be no extra fee added for shipping.


You mention that you test on friends. Can I be a test subject?

Yes, with pleasure. Welcome to the family! We send out test batches of our upcoming products to different friends for testing and feedback and we are always looking for more friends. If you think you have what it takes to become a test subject, send us a mail at contact@badnorwegian.com with your contact information and why you should be selected or considered.



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