There are some places you go purely to feel alive, and Jamaica is one of those places. What is it about this island nation that keeps the adrenaline simmering beneath the surface, ready to surge forth at any time? Well, it is obviously rather dangerous, but no more so than many other places if you take the right precautions. Perhaps it has more to do with Jamaicans' intense joie de vivre and ability to appreciate every moment? 
A:Gent drank beer and rum, drove around the island (not while drinking beer and rum!), partied and explored the Blue Mountains, Strawberry Hill and Negril, and discovered a fascinating capital in Kingston. Check out our envy-inducing photographic evidence... 

Blue Mountain Coffee Estates


Lime Key near Kingston 

Frenchman's Cove

Beach beer. Yum.


Strawberry Hill 

Leaving Jamaica wasn't easy. BAD NORWEGIAN'S A:Gent can't think of another place which offers such an unbeatable combination of fun, beer, fantastic people, mouth-dropping nature and sandy white beaches. A:Gent has continued on new travels, but Jamaica will be missed and remembered, and most definitely returned to.