BAD NORWEGIAN sun dameges

Back in the good old days, people were only designed to live until a ripe old age of 30, maybe 35 if they were lucky.  Today, it's not uncommon to push towards 90, or even 100. So, we are likely to live considerably longer, but we still only get one skin to last the distance, and once you ruin it there’s no second chance. 

Women’s skin care has been established for years and companies have been quick to milk this. But for us simple guys, skin care is often lumped in the “beauty” range, something that puts many of us off. 

Men’s skin is different to women’s. Our bodies produce more testosterone which makes men’s skin tougher and thicker. Despite this, we are certainly not immune to skin damage, acne, dryness and wrinkles. We created BAD NORWEGIAN to give men products that don’t just look after their skin but also fit their lifestyles and matched their style. Natural, straight-forward and functional.

On that note, here are a 7 pointers to keep you looking your best.

1. Sunscreen: What you need to know

BAD NORWEGIAN sun damages face


The first thing we need to be aware of is the good old sun. As much as we might love kicking back with a cerveza on the beach in Spain, you might be surprised just how quickly the sun can cause damage to unprotected skin. Your skin might not feel any different, but in as little as 10 minutes the sun’s UV rays can start to damage your skin cells DNA.

One thing most guys don’t know is that sunscreen does not provide immediate protection. Whilst sunblock provides your skin with a physical barrier, reflecting the sun's harmful rays, sunscreen (the much more common choice) works by absorption and only provides protection 30 minutes after application.

Most guys (like me) head to the beach with sunscreen in our bags and put it on (if we remember...) when we get there. This is the wrong way to do it and leaves your skin open to sun damage. Avoid this rookie mistake and put your suncream on before you leave the house.

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

BAD NORWEGIAN Moisturize Face


When you wash your face as part of your daily routine, (you do this... right?) the very next thing your hand should reach for should be your trusty natural moisturiser. Be sure to apply the moisturiser when the skin is still slightly damp as this helps to lock in the moisture.  If you have dry skin (not sure? Read how to identify your skin type), opt for a rich moisturiser to combat the dryness like our Revitalize Face. Remember that using a moisturiser in warm weather will make the skin sweat. So take it on some time before you leave the house if is it sunny and warm. The same applies if you live somewhere that can get a little cold. If you apply moisturiser just before stepping out into the cold Norwegian air the moisturiser can actually begin to freeze which reduces its impact.

3. Drink water, even if it is boring 

BAD NORWEGIAN drink water


We are sure you are tired of hearing this, but you need to stay hydrated.  Moisturiser is essential to keep your skin hydrated from the outside, but it’s equally important to provide hydration from within. 

Think of it this way, your skin is an organ, and just like any other organ it is made up of cells which in turn are roughly 70% water. There are many of us who don’t particularly care for water but by the time you reach 40, you will be grateful for heeding this advice.

4. Alcohol….yeh we know

BAD NORWEGIAN alcohol damages on skin


The main problem alcohol poses your skin is that it dehydrates you from the inside out.  To combat this, look no further than the previous tip! One way to help this is to try alternating your drinks with water. Yeah, that’s not going to happen is it, after all, where is the fun in that? At the very least be sure to have a glass or two of water before heading to bed so the effects of the alcohol are then partially diluted.

5. Wrinkles – how to delay them 

BAD NORWEGIAN wrinkles and skincare


In your twenties you feel pretty invincible and wrinkles really don’t feature as much of a priority. Trust us, as invincible as we may feel, we all age and one day, those wrinkles will come for us.  We all have laughter lines which add character to your face, however, wrinkles will get you and by starting early you help your skin keep them at bay for as long as possible. A great way to aid this? Get a good anti-wrinkle cream into your routine!

6. Effects of Smoking on skin

BAD NORWEGIAN Smoke and skin damages


Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide which replaces the oxygen in your skin and nicotine that once ingested, restricts blood flow. The result? Dry, dehydrated skin with a sallow, pale appearance. The moment you stop putting this into your body, your body will get to work on reversing this damage. Blood will start to flow freely beneath your skin, and it will once again be oxygenated and appear much healthier.

7. Sugar effects – good or bad

BAD NORWEGIAN sugar and the effect on skin


We know that too much of something is never a good thing and in this case, too much sugar can cause inflammation which inevitably results in a bad case of spots.  Considering that your face is your money maker keep things in balance when it comes to your sugar intake.

There was a time when I believed skincare was something for women, and that I only needed soap and deodorants. This was a prejudice that was left unchallenged and out of mind until I actually needed proper skin care after lengthy exposure to the sun. I realised then that this was a bad prejudice to have. I have skin too, and skincare positively affects my skin health. We can all benefit from taking better care of our skin (and that includes a sunscreen).