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Can you feel it?  The chill is in the air and winter is on her way. The onset of winter will see dinner dates, Christmas parties, snow angels and possibly (definitely) snow fights along the way home. Let’s not forget the beverage that we all know and love. The glorious Glühwein. A slow but steady burn that heats you from the inside out.

Take heed:  This will take a toll on your skin if not attended to. A mixture of alcohol and a nosedive in temperature will dry you out terribly making you feel uncomfortable and leaving your skin somewhat sensitive.

Do not fear. Bad Norwegian has the solution. Read on!

1. Short showers

BAD NORWEGIAN sun damages face


In any climate, water has the ability to dry out the skin.  However, with the inclement weather, hot water doubles that effect and the longer you shower, the longer your skin is exposed to the heat. This strips your skin of its natural oils and could leave your skin feeling itchy.

2. Drink plenty of water

BAD NORWEGIAN Moisturize Face


What the scientists say is true. If you don’t drink enough water, now is the time to step it up. In the summer, we consume way more water because it’s hotter and we need to cool off. During the winter months, this is not quite the case (enter the Glühwein). For men, the recommended amount of water to be consumed is 13 cups daily. It sounds a bit much but in the long run, it saves the only skin that you have.

For those of you who need a little convincing, see the attached link for an interesting read: (  

3. Exfoliation and the removal of dead cells 

BAD NORWEGIAN drink water


Exfoliation should be part of your skin regime.  Ideally, it should be done 2-3 times per week. It removes dead skin cells allowing your moisturiser to be instantly absorbed and work its magic. Our range includes a WASH FACE for this very reason. The scrubbing effect is produced by the natural apricot seeds that we have added to the wash. The apricot seeds do their job beautifully and are not too harsh on the skin. An exfoliator that is too stringent will not do you any favours and will further strip your skin of its natural oils. WASH FACE exfoliant is the perfect blend followed by a moisturiser that feeds and rehydrates your newly cleaned skin.

4. Cleansing

BAD NORWEGIAN alcohol damages on skin


No matter the season, you will always need a cleanser. The WASH FACE that is part of our range is made with cannabis seed oil and squalene. A cleanser is required to remove any dirt and oil that has collected during the day and there is no drying agent to be found in our cleanser. For those of you who need a wakeup call in the mornings, try our cleanser that includes menthol. That will certainly deliver the swift kick needed to get the day moving!

5. Moisturiser 

BAD NORWEGIAN Revitalize Face winter and skincare


Particularly in winter, keeping your skin hydrated and protected is the most essential part of your skin regime. Test a few moisturisers and find a rich moisturiser that soaks into the skin but more importantly, keeps the moisture from escaping the skin.  Allow the skin to breathe. So don’t choose an oily moisturiser as this will not yield the desired results.


REVITALIZE FACE is our most advanced moisturiser. It includes Shea butter (which reduces loss of water from the skin), Jojoba (which assists with the regeneration of the skin) Vitamin E (which neutralises free radicals), Antarcticine® and Ion Moist (also known to prevent the skin from losing water during the cold weather or when showering or shaving). Squalene and Argireline® were added to the mix to protect the skin from UV damage (which occurs all year round) and helps to reduce fine lines.


.BAD NORWEGIAN Gift Set Face winter and skincare

Bad Norwegian is all about making your life easier.  Hence our creation of: GIFT SET FACE. Everything you will need for your winter routine.

It includes the following:

WASH FACE which cleans and exfoliates at the same time. REVITALIZE FACE which protects your skin, keeping it hydrated and flexible. We pride ourselves on our all-natural ingredients. Our ingredients are vegan and there is NO testing on animals.

Now that we have equipped you in one simple go, have fun this winter.